About our Goats

S-Farm's breed of goats are Nigerian Dwarf Goats known for their small size, docility and sweet milk.  Larger goat breeds can weigh up to 300+ pounds compared to their dwarf cousins who weigh between 40 - 70 pounds.  S-Farms' Nigerians range in size to accommodate buyers who are looking for a miniature goats on the smaller side as a cute pet or buyers who are looking for a show goat (typically on the larger side) with proven milking lines. All of our cute little darlings are registered by American Dairy Goat Associations, up to date on worming and CD&T vaccines and have been tested for CAE, CL, Johne's, and Q Fever. 

Meet our bucks

JRoc Francois

Buckskin, brown eye, disbudded buck

Sire: Heaven's Hollow CH Courageous
Dam: Rising Rock Alee

RHL Kids Beau Gardon Jacques

White Spotting/Piebald, Brown eyed, polled buck

Sire:Painted Feather Amazing BamBam
Dam:Dudley's Girls MG Arietids

meet our does

Rising Rock C Alee

Buckskin, brown eyed, disbudded Doe

Sire: Farm Oldesouth CP Casanova
Dam: The Covenant Farm C Taffy

Meet our Kids (future breeding does)

KZ1 The Belle Madeleine

Gold with white, blue eyes, polled doeling

Sire: Emerald Barn Travis Blue
Dam: Emerald Barn Lucy Eve

Painted Feather SC Charlotte

Cou Blanc, brown eyes, disbudded

Sire: Painted Feather OL Snow Cone 
Dam: Painted Feather CM Avalanche

Painted Feather SC Clementine

White with black points, blue eyed, disbudded

Sire: Painted Feather OL Snow Cone Dam: Painted Feather CM Avalanche