Goat Yoga!

We offer monthly open Goat Yoga classes to the public.  Enjoy yoga with our miniature goats in a beautiful tranquil setting.  The yoga class is structure for all levels. No experience necessary.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Goat Yoga?

S-Farms’ goat are Nigerian Dwarf Goats which are a miniature goat breed. Although they are miniature, adults may range up to 55lbs. Goats of all ages and sizes participate in yoga but note our largest goat is about 40 lbs and does not jump on people but she does visit. Yes, goats do poo and pee but it is very rare for them to do their business on you. If they poo on your mat, they are little hard pellets and easy to remove by lifting the mat to dispose of them. We also like to make our guests aware that our cute little goats do have teeth and little hoofs and although, they do not typically bite or kick there may be a rare occasion it could happen. Its also possible, if you have bare body parts their little hoofs may scratch you. Our goats are trained or are in training to participate in yoga and they, almost always are safe to be around and love people but its good to remember they are livestock animals. They are taught to interact with people which may include jumping on you, snuggling, investigating you and your belongs and/or sitting or sleeping on you or your mat. Goats are easy going, sweet and smart and will easily move if gently pushed away. It is solely your responsibility to watch out for yourself and any minor children under your care. Please use caution and common sense. We do require all guests to sign a Release of Liability Waiver.

What cost for Goat Yoga?

Open classes are $30 per person or bring a group and purchase the entire class for $450.

What should I expect when I take a Goat Yoga class?

The class is taught by a certified yoga instructor and designed for all skill levels. Guests may modify any of the movements or simply take a relaxing moment to mingle with the goats. The Gogi (the goats) team joins classes from start to finish to support yogis with proper positioning, offer cuddles and entertain you. Classes are held in various areas at the farm but it is outside and on a farm so you may get a little dirty. We recommend to dress comfortably and wear clothes to cover bare parts you do not want scratched . Bring a mat or towel for the class. Mats are available for rental ($5) or purchase ($15) at the farm. We recommend arriving 15 minutes early to finalize any paperwork, payment and to get a good spot. We would like for each guest to pre-register so we can ensure we have room and keep guest spaced six feet apart however we welcome last minute guests are always welcome. All guests are expected to pay the fee..

What is included in my Goat Yoga experience?

Your goat yoga experience depending whether or not you added other farm add-ons such as the farm experience, your visit will last 1 1/2 - 2 hours. Here is the lineup to expect during your visit:       

- Registration, introductions & housekeeping items 
- Introduction to the Goats. Meet & learn about our goats 
- Goat Yoga class (1 hour) *includes 15 minutes to "hang out" with the goats
- Learn about and sample our farm products

We take a lot of pictures during your visit. We have several options for purchasing photos to remember your amazing experience. Also during your visit please plan to browse our little store where we carry fresh farm products and artisan products made by other farms or small businesses.

Can I schedule a private Goat Yoga class for a group?

Yes! Goat Yoga is a great way to get together with your co-workers, friends and family to enjoy the fresh air, get a little work out and enjoy a little animal therapy .  We welcome groups of all sizes.  You will enjoy an hour of yoga with our miniature goats taught by one of our certified yoga instructors.

How many people are required for a group Goat Yoga class?

You may have up to fifteen (15) people in a class.  We do consider groups of 20+ and is dependent on how many goats we have available at that time.  We want to make sure our little gogis can share their time with everyone. 

How much does it cost for a private Goat Yoga class?

To book a full private one-hour class it is $450 plus tax and you may bring up to fifteen (15) participants.  The class can accommodate up to twenty (20). Additional participants are $30 plus tax.